Q & A

Questions asked frequently in their first visit.

Q■Why did you create this host and maid club? A■ Our main objective is to promote ourself, bands, and other things through this group.
Q■ What is the age I must have to talk to request a host or maid? A■ We would love to say "all ages are fine". However, we only give service to people from 14 +
The reason is simple, we don't want to have any confrontation with parents or laws. This might affect our group so we take precaution. 
Q■ Can gay/lesbian/bisexual people request host or maid? A■ We don't have any problem being requested by them. Is our pleasure to serve you no matter gender, sexual orientation, etc. 
Q■ Can I work as a host/maid here? A■ Yes, just go to "Recruit" and check out the requirements. Then send us your application with a picture of yourself.
Q■ Do we have to pay for the hosts/maids service? A■ NO. The service is FREE. 
The only things you need to pay are accessories you might want to buy. But for the mean while we do not sell anything yet. This may happen in the near future.